In the design, production and sales of cleaning equipment, this company endeavors to “Ensure the quality demanded by our customers” and “Promote continuous improvement activities” through our “Customer-oriented approach”, in accordance with our corporate philosophy of “Providing trusted quality and services built on a foundation of higher customer satisfaction and consistent quality”, and shall continuously move forward in our business activities whilst giving highest priority to honoring the trust our customers place in us.
  • 01Customer-orientation

    Gaining an accurate understanding of our customers’ needs, and providing optimum quality products and services in a timely manner.

    All S-Tec employees and related parties shall thoroughly observe the principles of “Customer-orientation” in order to “Provide optimum quality products and services in a timely manner” whilst taking on the challenges of pro-actively developing new customers and new markets.

  • 02Improving product quality/business quality and developing production systems

    Throughout all product manufacturing processes, all employees bear responsibility for quality, and thoroughly adhere to high quality working standards to ensure that no defects are passed down to the next production process.

    Our aim is to ensure product quality and realize efficient business execution through the establishment of an accurate understanding of customer requirements and the construction of quality management systems by all S-Tec employees and related parties, while simultaneously working towards the early resolution of issues through early identification and increased swiftness of initial responses.

  • 03All hands participation for the continuous promotion of “Quality improvement activities”

    Quality targets are set for every fiscal year, continuous quality improvement activities are undertaken, and all employees work to achieve targets and strengthen corporate structure.

    All S-Tec employees and related parties understand and are fully familiarized with the quality policy, and are pro-actively engaged in the execution and continuation of work to improve quality awareness and achieve quality targets.
    Our aim is to achieve a sound, steady, and all-hands participation style of management under full compliance with laws, and to develop the trust of our customers whilst maintaining an awareness of the importance of quality management and working towards continuous improvement in quality management.


With the understanding that we are sharing the global environment with future generations, S-Tec has positioned and is promoting “Approaches to the environment” as one of the most important issues for our management activities.
We will adhere to social norms and contribute to the realization of a further enriched and sustainable society through tireless technological development.
  • 01Social contribution

    We will continue to implement activities to reduce environmental impact, and work to minimize the impact of our business activities on the global environment.
    In addition, we will continue to improve each product, and contribute to society by offering products and services that consider “resource saving” and “energy saving” through “small/light-weight”, “high performance” and low environmental impact technologies.
  • 02Approaches towards the prevention of global warming, laws and regulations, other requirements and the prevention of pollution

    We are pro-actively introducing policies for the prevention of global warming and systematically promoting CO2 reduction. In addition, with the understanding that the law represents the minimum requirements in terms of social norms, we will, together with adherence to the law, other requirements and the prevention of pollution, maintain a keen sensitivity towards changes in society and approach our business activities with a constant focus on environmental considerations.
  • 03Promoting communication

    We will nurture environment-conscious mind-sets through in-house PR activities and environmental education, and expand our social contribution activities together with our employees, their families, and the local community. In addition, we will promote communications to foster mutual understanding with society as a corporate citizen.
  • 04Basic conduct guidelines for employees and related parties

    The following items are treated as important environmental activities by all S-Tec employees and related parties.

    (1)Approaches that will minimize environmental impact generated through the pursuit of business activities, such as reduction of CO2 and waste generated from offices, factories and logistics, and improved chemical substance management, etc.

    (2)All hands participation in environmental improvement initiatives implemented in accordance with environmental management programs, and aiming to achieve continuous improvement in voluntary management activities through environmental audits, etc.


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